Patchy freezing drizzle and a refreeze will create slick roads overnight.

NOW: Patchy freezing drizzle and a refreeze will create slick roads overnight.

The snow is done for tonight.  Dry air will create patchy areas of freezing drizzle until 2 am.  Untreated roads will become slick.  A northwest wind will drop our temperatures into the 20s between 3 am and 6 am.

While the commute will be dry, black ice could create more road issues for the morning.  Use caution! 


Update 9:00 pm, Tuesday, December 28th

Snow is starting to really fall apart across the area.  Dry air will work in and change the snow to some freezing drizzle.  Untreated roads along with elevated surfaces like bridges and overpasses will be come slick.

The winter weather advisory has been canceled for Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, and Walworth counties.  Temperatures have been warm enough to reduce the overall winter weather impact.  

A shot of cold air arrive later tonight as our winds turn northwest.  Temperatures in the upper teens and 20s will create black ice and a refreeze.  Use caution tomorrow morning!

Update 5:30 pm, Tuesday, December 28th

No changes in the winter weather advisory.  Snow will continue to end between 8 pm and 10 pm.

We have noticed some of the lakefront areas toggling between rain and snow, and that will likely continue in spots through the evening.  Another 1" is possible through 10 pm on top of what has already fallen.

Once the snow shuts off, dry air aloft will create pockets of drizzle and freezing drizzle.  Elevated bridges and overpasses will be susceptible to more icing.

Use caution overnight.


Update 2:00 pm, Tuesday, December 28th.

No changes in the winter weather advisory.  Snow will continue through 8 pm.

The area continues to experience steady snowfall.  This snow is accumulating on side roads and on the interstates.  Temperatures away from the lakefront have been in the 20s, which is creating a lot of slick roads.

Once the snow stops there will be a period of freezing drizzle that could create more slick roads overnight.


Update as of 11:30 am, Tuesday, December 28th

Snow is starting to overspread the area.  Milwaukee Mitchell is already seeing flakes.  Places south and west of the metro are already under the Winter Weather Advisory.  For them, it goes until midnight.  Everyone else it kicks in at 1pm and expires at 2 am Wednesday. Please drive with extreme caution if you have to venture out this afternoon and evening.  Snow rates could be a half an inch to inch throughout the day, reducing visibility.  Stay tuned to CBS 58 throughout the day.  We'll be giving you updates online.  


Update as of 9:15 am, Tuesday, December 28th

Right on cue.  Snow is crossing the Illinois border right now.  In fact, Janesville is seeing some snow.  We still are waiting on the moisture.  It's expected to start snowing after 11 am across the metro.  Watch the road situation, especially for the evening rush.  Luckily the wind won't be blowing too much.  But we could see snowfall rates at a half an inch at least.  This could reduce visibility as well.  Snow should wrap up later this evening.  The Winter Weather Advisory expires after midnight.  Then another push of snow comes Wednesday evening into the nighttime hours.  


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58)--It seems to happen all at once.  We had our first inch of snow on Monday.  Now there's more to follow.  Low pressure jetting in from the southwest will cause snow to overspread the region, especially the second part of Tuesday.  There's a Winter Weather Advisory from noon until midnight. The advisory begins earlier in Jefferson and Walworth Counties at 9 am.  It's here where the snow will start sooner.  


Look for a wide range of 1-3"+ amounts to fall with higher totals well north and west of the metro.  By the lake, the accumulation will be a bit less due to rain mixed in with the snow. Luckily, the wind won't be too brisk, so visibility won't be greatly reduced.  But please allow extra time anyway, especially for the afternoon and evening commute. 



On the back edge, we could see some light freezing rain or rain, making for slick spots late tonight into early Wednesday.  And speaking of Wednesday, there's a completely different storm system to impact us in the evening, especially along and south of I-94.  We could see a quick inch or snow with this quick mover.  We're also watching another system for Saturday as we start a new year.  This one could be a bit more substantial.  There's colder air into next week as well. So, a lot to think about with this forecast.  So stay tuned and make sure you've downloaded the free CBS 58 mobile weather app. 

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