Flying cars could be 5 years away, expert says

NOW: Flying cars could be 5 years away, expert says

(CBS 58) – Flying cars may be only be five years away, according to the general manager of Intel’s drone group.

Anil Nanduri told CNET he believes flying cars will be available in the next five years and flying taxis available in 10 years.

Experts say one of the driving factors for flying cars is for people to get out of congestion on highways and busy streets.

According to Nanduri, as drone technology advances, it’s becoming more of a reality. Nanduri says the first use of passenger drones will be for cargo to move supplies and equipment. One of the biggest challenges facing developers is battery life.

In Miami, construction of the first Jetsons-style flying cars SkyPort is almost complete on top of the SkyDeck of the Paramount Miami Worldcenter.

Uber is also working on shared air transportation, planned for 2023.

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