Fire and Police Commission discusses steps in Officer Mattioli investigation

NOW: Fire and Police Commission discusses steps in Officer Mattioli investigation


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission met for the first time Wednesday since the executive director announced they were taking over the internal investigation into Officer Michael Mattioli from the Milwaukee Police Department. 

The discussion focused around the citizen complaint procedure.

"One of the steps we had to ensure was that the aggrieved person, a complainant, actually filled out a complaint, that has been done as of today. We will be looking at the code of conduct, MPD has provided us with all the proper documentation for us to begin our investigation internally," said Griselda Aldrete, Executive Director of the Fire and Police Commission. 

"That rule states that FPC staff will conduct an investigation into every complaint received. All complaints will be fully and fairly investigated and the investigation will be conducted in accordance with the FPC citizen complaint intake investigation guidelines in applicable to department's standard operating procedures," Assistant City Attorney Elleny Christopoulous said. 

Aldrete would not say who filed the citizen complaint or what was in it. 

"We typically normally don't share contents or the name of the complaint for privacy purposes, that information is released at the completion of the investigation if a party would wish to have their identity identified," she said. 

Aldrete said she is putting two investigators on the Mattioli investigation, along with herself. 

"We don't have a set timeline at this point. We just received the documents from MPD last week. Today we got the actual complainant signed. It would be my goal to expedite this as properly as we can, but ensuring that due process and the right protocols were followed as well," she said. 

Mattioli was charged earlier this month in the death of Joel Acevedo. 

When it was announced the Fire and Police Commission was taking over the investigation, the Milwaukee Police Department said it was, "grateful for the outside agencies that handled the criminal investigation from the beginning, and we appreciate the Fire and Police Commission's willingness to conduct the internal investigation."

The Milwaukee Police Association said the commission is caving to political pressure. In a statement, Dale Bormann, Jr., union president said in part, "The FPC does not have the experience of investigating internal investigations."

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