Filmmakers prepare to explore "Black Girl Training"

NOW: Filmmakers prepare to explore “Black Girl Training“

What if you felt like a stranger in your own community? It was Emily Kuester’s experience as a young black girl adopted by white parents in rural Wisconsin when she moved to Milwaukee for college.

Emily, now a 22-year old college graduate and film producer with 371 Productions in Milwaukee’s Third Ward, is teaming up with director Santana Coleman to explore the idea in a short film called Black Girl Training. The film recounts her experiences learning what it’s like to be black from a unique perspective.

The idea for the project has garnered a lot of support. The pair has already raised more than $10,000 dollars through online crowdfunding.

On CBS 58 Sunday Morning, Amanda Porterfield sat down with Emily and Santana to discuss their project.

Click here to learn more about Black Girl Training.

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