Federal investigation underway in Corey Stingley case

MILWAUKEE -- Corey Stingley's family is taking their fight to the federal level.

At a press cofnerence Wednesday, Craig Stingley, Corey's father, said that there is substantial evidence, including witness statements,  that prove his 16-year-old son was murdered after a shoplifting incident in a West Allis convenience store.

District Attorney John Chisholm said that no charges would come in the case because the three men who pinned Stingley down did not mean to kill him, and that there wasn't nough evidence to prosecute.

Surveillance tape from the 2012 incident shows the store clerk removing stolen bottles of liquor from Stingley's bag. Stingley reaches towards the cash register to grab his debit card and the three men immediately move in to restrain Stingley.

They didn't get up until officers arrived, and at that point, Stingley was brain dead. 

Stingley's family said the men put him in a headlock and choke hold for up to 15 minutes. 

The family approached the US Department of Justice to look into the case, and we're told a federal investigation is underway.

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