Family speaks out after man died after police used tasers

NOW: Family speaks out after man died after police used tasers

CBS 58--  The family of a man who died in police custody is speaking out, saying officers should not have used their tasers.

The family says the man who died is 22-year-old Adam Trammell. His father Larry Trammell, says Adam battled mental illness all his life.

“He suffered with it and lived with it,” Larry said.

It was something Adma talked about and he also sought help.

“He was doing a lot better,” said Kathleen Trammell, Adam’s mom. “He was happy he got a job, he had his own place and things were looking up.”

Then Thursday morning, police say they were called to an apartment building, about a man who was naked, behaving erratically and flooding his apartment. His family says they have no doubt he was having a breakdown

“I felt like the police were called to help a young man who was having a mental crisis,” said Adam’s sister, Mary.

Police went in to Adam's apartment, and when he didn't cooperate, they used their tasers. Shortly after, Adam stopped breathing and died.

His family says officers didn't need to use force.

“You need patience, a lot of love,” Mary said. “You cannot be defensive with a person that's not in their right mind at that time.”

The family says Adam's illness made life challenging, but it doesn't define who he was.

“He could've done anything he wanted to do because even though he had those issues he was a smart young man,” Kathleen said.

West Allis and West Milwaukee police were involved in the incident. Greenfield Police are leading the investigation in to what happened.

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