Family reunited with 1991 portrait hidden underneath Christmas decoration at Goodwill

NOW: Family reunited with 1991 portrait hidden underneath Christmas decoration at Goodwill

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Usually, re-gifting is a no-no during the holidays, but one local family was thrilled to get a surprise gift. An old family photo made its way home.

About a month ago, Megan Bedward bought some Christmas decorations at a Milwaukee Goodwill store.

One of those items was a framed poster of Santa Claus, but she knew there was another photo behind it

"Part of the poster was ripped off and it looked like there was some sort of canvas. The frame obviously didn't belong to Santa poster," said Bedward.

The day after Christmas, Bedward and her sister tore back the poster like wrapping paper, and revealed a 1991 family photo. To find out who it belonged to, Bedward took to Facebook.

"I kind of thought maybe there was a little bit of chance I'd be able to find the person it belonged to, but I didn't expect it to happen so quickly," said Bedward.

It happened to be her facebook friend Emily Brzakala's family.

I didn't even comment. I went into Facebook messenger and called her right away... I was like, 'Holy moly. That's my family...' We were just both blown away," said Brzakala.

As the two were talking, the Facebook comments quickly poured in.

"People were really appreciating how old the picture was and some of the different expressions of the people in the picture. Mostly, everyone just wanted details, they wanted to know where it came from, whose family it was and the story behind it," said Bedward.

"This is my Auntie Laura who I spotted first," said Brzakala looking at the photo. "And that's her husband, my Uncle Larry, who's my dad's brother, and also I could recognize my cousin Andy."

Brzakala says her Aunt Laura admitted she likely donated the photo, but the family has gotten a good laugh out of the unexpected Christmas present.

"I offered it to anybody, I'm waiting to see who claims it," said Brzakala.

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