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Family raising funds to help 3-year-old girl after mother is seriously injured in car crash on I-43

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A Milwaukee mother was seriously hurt after a car-crash on I-43 near Silver Spring Monday.

The victim, identified as Brittany Dufrane, was driving when her sister says someone cut her car off which then rolled over and ended up crashing into a tree.

Dufrane remains in the hospital after breaking both legs in the crash. She's already had three surgeries. Her 3-year-old daughter is now staying with her great aunt.

Dufrane's husband Valencio Rodriguez says his wife has a long road to recovery and more surgeries yet to come.

"She looked like she was on her deathbed, it scared me just to see her like that. I always see her smiling, happy so to see her like that, it's devastating," said Rodriguez.

He's thankful she made it out alive.

"We're gonna go through rough times but I'm glad the Lord didn't take her from me and Bella."

Video of the crash shows that Bella's clothing was thrown from the car. All of her winter clothes are gone. Now that Dufrane is out of work and in the hospital, the family started a fundraiser to buy Bella new clothes and help with other expenses.

Most of all, they're thankful that it was Bella's clothes in the car and not her.

"Bella could have been in the truck with them, who knows what could have happened," said Danielle Brunner.

As a message for Milwaukee, Dufrane's husband says to appreciate everything you have because this crash showed him loved ones can be lost so easily.

"Cherish every little moment, every little thing, just cherish it because anything can happen at any time," Rodriguez said. 

If you'd like to donate to the GoFundMe, click here

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