Family of Slain Milwaukee City Worker Opens Up

Greg Zyszkiewicz's family is opening up about the man they love, the man they call their superhero. Since the tragedy, Ziggy's friends were telling all sorts of stories and sharing all sorts of memories. Now, we're finding the intimate details of Greg's family life, from the time he met his wife Ola.

"When I was in high school, the place to hang out was Grant Park, on Friday nights they had bonfires," Ola said.

There was one bonfire in particular, May 16th, 45 years ago. There was a spark between Greg and Ola. He joined the Army, but came back to Milwaukee and they got married and stayed married for 40 years.

"I knew that he loved me, I knew that, he was crazy over me," Ola said.

Greg and Ola Zyszkiewicz have two daughters and a son, there are five Granddaughters in the family now and one more on the way. Their family is a close family.

"He never once hesitated to help me," his daughter Morgan recalled of her father. "He could be in the middle of something and he would drop what he's doing to help me."

Superheros typically only show up in movies, but in the Zyszkiewicz family, a superhero isn't fiction. This one was real.

"Whether it's neighbors, family, friends, he always helped, he always wanted to help," Ola said.

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