Family of crossing guard injured in hit-and-run: "How can you leave someone in the street like that?"

NOW: Family of crossing guard injured in hit-and-run: “How can you leave someone in the street like that?“


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A Milwaukee crossing guard is fighting for his life after a driver hit him and fled the scene.

Andrew Tyler was in surgery for hours Friday. His family tells CBS 58 his legs are crushed and doctors may have to amputate.

“How can you leave someone in the street like that?” Karin Tyler, Andrew’s daughter said. “He’s fighting for his life right now. He has children, grandchildren.”

Sitting in a hospital waiting room, the family of Andrew Tyler watched as police asked for help finding the driver who nearly killed him. The 71-year-old was hit as he walked to his crossing guard post.

“He's a true public servant and is an extraordinarily reliable employee,” Chief Ed Flynn said during that news conference.

Chief Flynn's description of Tyler, who helps Kluge elementary kids get safely to and from school every day,  couldn't be more accurate.

“He's always telling me the kids over there need me,” said Sharon Tyler, another daughter of Andrew’s. “They're some kids that are so poor they don't have jackets. He'll go buy jackets at Century.”

Alec Tyler, Andrew's grandson,  says his grandpa is always thinking of others.

“Anybody who has gotten a card from my grandpa it'll have, you know, a heartfelt letter in it that he really, that's how you know he's thinking of you,” Alec said.

Police say the suspect is driving a maroon Buick, either a Park Avenue or LaSabre, likely with front-end damage.

“It's ironic because he talks about how people drive and how dangerous it is, but he really wants to protect the children,” Karin said.

Tyler's family wants this to be a wakeup call to people out there driving recklessly.

“Today it was a 71-year-old man, tomorrow it could be a little kid,” Alec said.

And more than anything, they want the person responsible for this off the streets,

“That's what it's all about, he gives and now he needs to receive the help from the community,” Karin said. “If anybody has any information they need to come forward.”

If you have information call 414-935-7360.

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