Family Honors 15-Year-Old Killed During Retaliation Shooting

Family and friends celebrated the life of 15-year-old Melanie Johnson on Friday. The teen was killed nearly two weeks ago, when two men fired into her home. 

People at the funeral were overcome with emotion, many still in shock. They say they can't believe a young woman who was so against violence became its latest victim. 

"Our babies should not be leaving us like this. This is not the natural order of life," said the pastor at Friday's funeral. 

And there was standing room only at that Friday funeral for 15 year old Melanie Johnson and her unborn child. 

She was 9 weeks pregnant. 

"Her child would have been so loved. Yeah she was 15, but it doesn't matter," said her cousin, Toneeka Harris. 

Melanie was killed in her family's home near 34th and Silverspring when police say these two men who had "beef" with her brother fired shots into the kitchen. 

Shots not meant to hit Melanie. 

"And that's all our questions right now-why her? But like they say absent in the body but present in the Lord," said Harris. 

Harris shared memories of her cousin with us, saying Melanie was an inspiration to her.

"She was so joyful, so happy all the time, no matter what the situation," said Harris. 

A family now devastated by their loss.

"It was so much love in our family. I'm blessed to even know her. I'm blessed for the15 years I had with her. She was so special to us.," she said. 

Praying for peace and understanding as they go through this first holiday season with out her. 

"Its devastating but I'm looking at it in a happy way now because she's where God wants her to be," said Harris. 

Alex Dixon and Martayouse Holloway are both charged with first degree intentional reckless homicide. Holloway is still on the run. 

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