Family, friends gather to pay tribute to Keishon Thomas, man who died in MPD custody

NOW: Family, friends gather to pay tribute to Keishon Thomas, man who died in MPD custody

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A Milwaukee family is paying tribute to 20-year-old Keishon Thomas. Thomas died in police custody on Feb. 23. His family is asking for answers and for justice. 

More than a dozen people gathered outside Milwaukee Police Department District 5 on Monday, Feb. 28. Some held bunches of balloons, others had pictures of Thomas. His mother, Markeisha Evans, says the loss of her son has been devastating. 

"He's my oldest son. He was a provider in my home. He took care of us. We took care of him," said Evans.

For many of Keishon's loved ones, not getting to say goodbye makes this loss even more painful. "It really hurts me that I didn’t even get to say nothing to him. He's just gone like that," said Lavender CoCroft, the mother of Keishon's son.

Myangel Thomas, the mother of Keishon's daughter, says she wants people to know that he was a loving and caring soul. "Keishon, he was the love of my life, and I am sad the way he left. He was my everything," she said.

The family says Milwaukee police have left them with many unanswered questions about Keishon's death.

Rev. Marilyn Miller says she has known the family since Keishon and his siblings were babies. Miller says the community needs transparency as the investigation is underway.

"We understand you have to get the systems and structure together, but in the meantime, explain what's going on. Tell somebody what's happening, what is the process?" said Rev. Miller.

Thomas was pulled for a traffic violation near 22nd and Capitol on Feb. 23. He had a warrant out for his arrest and was taken into police custody. He died hours later.

Authorities have yet to release the cause of death. Three Milwaukee police officers have been suspended over concerns surrounding Thomas' death.

The Waukesha Police Department is leading the investigation. 

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