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Family battles advance Lyme Disease

A local family talks about their struggle with Lyme Disease, saying their children have battled an advance form of the disease for decades.
Most teenagers are worry about friends, school, and sports. Eighteen and sixteen year old Katherine and Jacob Pollnow worry about getting out of bed for school. 
Katherine Pollnow says, \"It's hard, there's almost no one you can relate to, and people look at you and say you look great you don't look sick.\"
At 18, Katherine is putting off college because Lyme disease causes extreme nausea and brain fog. Jacob, suffers from extreme fatigue, and was only able to get up for ten minutes before exhaustion set in. 
Katherine says, \"He's almost 6 feet he looks tough but inside he is so sick.\"
Their mother Val, who's battling breast cancer, agreed to speak to us because of the stigma around the disease. She says many doctors still tell her children the disease doesn't exist, or don't know how to treat Katherine and Jacob. 
\"He keeps hearing 'we're going to do this, and then you'll get better,' and then he doesn't.\"
With mounting medical bills, her family recently got good news. Her kids are off a waiting list for a Lyme Disease specialist. 
Val says, \"After six years of battling it's hard to believe something is going to work, but I have to believe the next thing is going to work.\"
She wants the public to check for ticks, and understand not every bite has the tell tale 'red ring'  after  a tick bite. And the Lyme Disease test doesn't test for every strain. These factors meant her children's disease wasn't caught early. It's something Katherine wants to see changed.
Katherine says, \"I want people to know they're going through something real, and I want it to be researched so there's more valid ways to get people better.\"
To see a specialist it will cost the family $20,000, and they're now raising money online.
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