Family asks for help following MCTS bus driver's death

NOW: Family asks for help following MCTS bus driver’s death

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The family of a Milwaukee County bus driver is asking for the public's help.

Forty-seven-year-old Augi Biami was found dead in his bus Tuesday.

His fiancé Angelic Alba said he died of a heart attack.

They had just gotten engaged in February.

Both started at the Milwaukee County bus system after being out of work from COVID for months at their last job.

Her savings spent, Angelic is asking for help.

"Driving was his dream job," said Alba.

The road connected Angelic Alba and her fiancé Augi Biami. They met at a courier job six and a half years ago. She was his trainer.

"From that moment on, we never separated. He was more than a boyfriend, more than a fiancé, he was my best friend," said Alba.

When COVID hit, times were tough for the pair.

"We went eight months without work, so it was time, we didn't know where our income was going to come from," said Alba.

But both were able to get jobs with Milwaukee County Transit late last fall. Augi proposed in February, but they held off on setting a date.

"Not only three months ago, I just buried my brother, and two days prior to that, my aunt," said Alba.

She was devastated to get the call from his sister Tuesday when Augi was found in his bus. They had such a wonderful night before. They had gone to their first Milwaukee Bucks playoff game together. They were hoping to meet Khris Middleton to thank him for his Christmas meals to bus drivers in December.

"I'm just so happy that his last day he got to enjoy it," said Alba.

But her joy is now merged with grief.

"I hate that he's gone, you know, every night since then, I would think he would just come through the door," said Alba.

Because Biami worked less than a year, he doesn't qualify for any life insurance benefits.

Alba is raising money through a gofundme drive.

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