Fall temperatures arrived over the weekend ending a record warm streak

NOW: Fall temperatures arrived over the weekend ending a record warm streak

We finally saw fall temps arrive over the weekend with lows dropping into the 30s and 40s both Saturday and Sunday morning. Even though it felt chilly, those temps are actually very close to average. The average low for Monday in Milwaukee is 44* and even colder inland. Even with the chilly start, highs both Saturday and Sunday reached into the 60s with a good amount of sun and some wind.

The low in the 40s Saturday morning was the latest first fall 40s low on record. The previous record for the latest first fall 40s was October 7, 2016. Our first low in the 40s this year came over a month later than average. 

We also broke a record for consecutive days with highs at or warmer than 50*. The last day with a low above 50* was Friday ending a streak of 138 days that started May 30th. The old record was 126 days in 1911 so it was another shattered record. 

After a chilly start in the 30s and 40s Monday morning we should see some milder air for a few days. Lows Tuesday through Thursday morning will be warmer in the 40s and 50s. Another drop is coming after a cold front arrives with some rain Wednesday PM into Thursday morning. Lows for the upcoming weekend could drop into the 30s everywhere giving us our first chance at widespread frost.

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