Fair Play Campaign in Milwaukee

Milwaukee - The local group Common Ground introduced a detailed plan to upgrade eleven different recreational facilities in Milwaukee County. The question remains where a new arena for the Milwaukee Bucks will be built, and who will pay for it. Everyone seems to agree some sort of public funding will be needed. Common Ground argues that new facilities for local children should also be a top priority with using tax payer dollars.

\"If the Bucks get a great place to play, our neighborhoods should too.\" Said, Jennifer O'Hare.

Common Ground launched the Fair Play Campaign, and there's support in the community.

\"It's important to invest in the youth because it keeps them out of trouble, keeps them active, and it gives them hope towards their future.\" Said, Jasmine Braboy.

\"When are we going to get back to the business of our children.\" Said, Charlotte Johnson.

The eleven recreational facilities include Lincoln Park. The President of the Children's Neighborhood Sports League told CBS 58 more than a dozen youth football teams play at Lincoln Park every Saturday.

\"There are no bleachers for the most part, parents stand for most of the time when we are there.\" Said, Earl Ingram.

If the Fair Play Campaign is approved, it could cost between 63 to 70 million dollars. Supporters believe this could help keep young people off the streets.

\"With this, we give the child an opportunity to do and play on the playground which will eliminate criminal activity. They're going to be just playing and having fun.\" Said, Lloyd Johnson.



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