Eyes to the Skies, Milwaukee! International Space Station flies overhead.

Amateur astronomers and curiosity seekers alike have an awesome opportunity to view the International Space Station.  All you have to do is look to the sky as it cruises overhead prior to sunrise most mornings through the end of the month.

The next opportunity for clear skies in the early morning hours is this Friday, January 16th.  The Space Station will be visible for three minutes starting at 6AM.  Start by looking just above the horizon in the north-northwestern sky.  At AM you will see a bright light moving steadily across the sky before disappearing just above the horizon in the northeast.  For best viewing you'll want to be away from city lights and be sure to dress warm… temps should be in the mid to upper teens.

As it flies overhead at altitude of just under 270 miles the Space Station will be cruising at almost 5 miles per second, or a little over 17,000 mph.  There are currently six researchers on board, including 2 Americans from Expedition 42.
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