EXCLUSIVE: February Democratic Debate Will be Held in Milwaukee

Presidential candidates are back on the campaign trail Sunday after trying to prove to America who our next leader should be. Just before leaving the Democratic Debate in Des Moines, Iowa CBS 58 was told something very few others know.

The Democratic National Committee Chair tells CBS 58’s David Ade the February 11 debate will be held in Milwaukee. She says no venue has been picked out just yet.

Up until now, we only knew this debate would be held somewhere in Wisconsin.

"Yes, Milwaukee is the site of the Wisconsin debate," said Debbie Wasserman Schultz the DNC Chairwoman.

A few days after Republicans had their presidential debate at the Milwaukee Theatre, Wasserman Schultz says Milwaukee will play host to another debate., "we're working out the actual venue, but Milwaukee is going to be the site of the debate."

Milwaukee is the third city hosting debates from both parties this election season. Las Vegas, and Manchester, New Hampshire will do the same thing.

Nevada and New Hampshire are battleground states because they can be won by Republicans or Democrats.

Wisconsin Republicans control almost every major part of state government, however Wisconsin has not swung to republicans in a presidential election since 1984.

A Republican Party spokesman says the GOP is trying to change that in 2016, "I mean we planted a flag in there early. That's one of the reasons we had the debate there, is we want to make it clear Republicans are playing there," said Fred Brown, RNC spokesman.

The campaign manager for Democrat Presidential Candidate Martin O'Malley says despite recent history, democrats can't just expect to win Wisconsin without a fight, "as you know, it's a critical swing state in the general election that the democrats have to win, and so I think Wisconsin will play a huge role in this election and it will be fun to get up there and get some beer and cheese."

After this weekend’s Democratic Debate democrats head back out onto the road until their next debate on December 19 in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Over on the Republican side the next debate is December 15 in Las Vegas and hosted by CNN.

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