Excessive Force Lawsuit Includes Dominique Heaggan Brown

There are more legal problems for former Milwaukee Police Officer Dominique Heaggan-Brown, the man who shot and killed Sylville Smith in August, sparking days of unrest in the city.

A civil lawsuit has been filed in federal court against the former officer, another officer, and the city of Milwaukee, regarding an incident that happened in April of 2016.

The lawsuit was filed in court on December 23 and lawsuit accuses Heaggan-Brown, and Officer Peter Hauser of excessive force and other wrongful acts.

It allegedly played out in the parking lot of the Citgo Gas Station near Capitol and Sherman Blvd on April 15.

The plaintiff says that the two officers approached the car he was in on bikes and asked him to move the car.

He was sitting in the passenger seat waiting for a friend. So he attempted to move to the driver seat to comply with the officer’s request.

As he was moving from the passenger to the driver seat, Hauser allegedly pulled the plaintiff out of the car in an aggressive manner and threw him to the ground so hard, he briefly blacked out.

The complaint says while he was on the ground not moving or attempting to fight the officers, both officers pulled out and used their Tasers.

Heaggan-Brown also claimed to have seen the plaintiff put drugs down his pants, but a  strip search determined the plaintiff had no drugs.

The district attorney's office received the case and found no wrong doing from the plaintiff and dismissed it.

The lawsuit seeks compensation for medical care, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of constitutional rights.

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