EPA gives Milwaukee $1 million to help clean contaminated properties

MILWAUKEE -- Local politicians and the EPA touted the growth in the Park East section of Milwaukee. Specifically citing the Avenir development that's under construction. The Avenir is a mixed-use development that is under construction right now near Milwaukee Street and Ogden. It will have apartments and retail space once it is finished. 

Mayor Tom Barrett said it's important for the city to jump into projects like this.  He says the city can't get bigger geographically but they can work with the spots available downtown. 

This is all in the park east development which was recently opened up with a marketing campaign.  There have haven't been any proposals for that land yet.

But Today's announcement includes $1 million dollars from the EPA for a revolving loan fund. It helps the city partner with developers to clean up these plots of land.

Mayor Barrett says the city has pulled in 17 million since 2002 from the EPA to help with redevelopment.


\"The city of Milwaukee is actively taking these former Brownfields, cleaning them up, partnering with the private sector and turning this land back into productive use,\" Barrett said. 

Barrett was joined by Democratic Congresswoman Gwen Moore Thursday.

Mayor Barrett says there are several other sites that they'd like to redevelop like the tower automotive site, century city, the brewery site and others.


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