Energy Assistance Available in Milwaukee

As we prepare for the chill of Fall and Winter here in southeast Wisconsin, there are some folks who are preparing for the reality of not being able to afford their high energy bills.

The Milwaukee Department of Health and Human Services unveiled a new plan to give financial assistance to those who are eligible to help pay those sometimes high heating bills.

The program can handle up to 175,000 households. Only 60,000 signed up last year.

This year, the department is working with agencies like "community advocates" and "umos" to offer several new options, including new application services for the elderly and disabled.

"The important thing to know is that we have a website, a phone number. They don't have to wait to set up an appointment. The process is easier than ever and we're already way ahead of last year in terms of how many people we'll be able to serve,” says Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele.

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