Elderly Menomonee Falls woman has fake contractors steal from her

In Menomonee Falls, a man approached an elderly woman's house and indicated he worked for an asphalt company and wanted to inspect her home. After entering the house he let in another suspect and they later stole the woman's purse. 
The theft occurred on July 29 and Menomonee Falls Police Department are investigating the theft. 
The suspect was a 30’s male white (clean shaven operating a beige or gray work van with a black trailer containing a sealant tank).
The suspect had insisted on a cash payment at which time the victim retrieved her purse.
Upon returning to the kitchen the victim now found another man in her home. After paying the suspects the victim was asked for a glass of water turning her attention away from the purse. She explained that the suspect took a sip of water and left her residence. 
Sometime later the victim noticed that her purse was missing.
This type of theft has occurred in the area in the past. Suspects will pretend to be legitimate workers and approach senior citizen home owners at their residences with a seemingly legitimate ruse. Their real purpose is to divert the homeowner while their accomplices search for currency and jewelry.
Often times the suspects have been known to ask a victim to break a hundred bill or ask the victim to pay in cash. This allows the suspect(s) to determine where the victim keeps their money. The victim is distracted either inside or outside the house. Once the victim is distracted, the suspect enter will remove the money, jewelry or other valuables.
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