El Rey grocery store celebrates Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mexico's patron saint

NOW: El Rey grocery store celebrates Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mexico’s patron saint

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Many Catholics around the country celebrated Mexico's patron saint, Our Lady of Guadalupe, on Thursday, Dec. 12. Some of those celebrations took place right here in our area and even in a popular grocery store on the city's south side. 

For the fourth consecutive year, El Rey supermarket on Cesar Chavez Drive had music, food, and dances. 

According to tradition, an indigenous man was visited by an apparition of the Virgin Mary in 1531. In his vision, he was told to build a church where he stood. 

Thursday, that is where the Basilica of Guadalupe stands in Mexico. In honor of the saint's birthday, Catholics around the world celebrate with live music performances and a mass. 

"In our Hispanic culture, maternity, being a mother, raising a child is something key. Unfortunately, sometimes work, commitment, and stuff might keep mothers away, but I think it’s a call to remember that the maternity of our blessed mother is the beginning of Christmas, the beginning of the celebration of Jesus Christ," said Fr. Angel Anaya, associate pastor of St. Anthony Church. 

The Virgin Mary is considered extremely holy and some believe she can realize miracles. 

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