Effort to restore life to Milwaukee's forgotten square

NOW: Effort to restore life to Milwaukee’s forgotten square

MacArthur Square was once a central hub of activity in Milwaukee but today it rests mostly abandoned. The space directly in front of Milwaukee's beautiful court house and adjacent to some of the city's most visited landmarks is ironically devoid of people and activities on most days. A result of unfortunate city planning and construction decisions the park is difficult to see from the street and even more difficult to find.

No signs exist and even the park’s namesake General Douglas MacArthur has abandoned it. The square was once the home to a statue of Milwaukee’s revered hometown war general, but city leaders made the decision to move it to a more visible location along the lakefront in 2014.

Community organizer and columnist for the Milwaukee Independent Dominic Inouye recently brought attention to the issue.

On CBS 58 Sunday Morning, Amanda Porterfield joined Inouye to explore his ideas for activating the forgotten park in the heart of downtown.

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