East Side residents deal with string of broken car windows, stolen items

NOW: East Side residents deal with string of broken car windows, stolen items

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- At least nine cars broken into, and some neighbors say it could be more is what many are facing this weekend on Milwaukee's East Side after overnight break-ins along Stowell between Webster and Belleview early Saturday morning.

The aftermath of the break ins were still easy to find Sunday, smashed glass along the sidewalk and cars with taped over windows.

It's something that neighbors said comes as a real shock for the East side.

"There had to have been at least 10 I think I counted different cars with windows smashed, some on the left side some on the right side, some of the drivers some in the back," said Carson Leet.

Leet said a visit to watch over a friends apartment, near where Leet plans to move soon, revealed a surprising scene.

People like Eric Villarreal and many others sorting out damages to their vehicles.

Villarreal said all that was taken was his wife's clutch.

"They tried to go to the McDonald's and swipe twice but it didn't work because she turned off her card," said Villarreal, "but they did do some damage though."

Villareal said they moved here because things like this didn't happen here.

"It's a pretty good area. That's why we moved here, you know, otherwise we would have moved to other area down that way," said Villarreal.

Other people who live nearby, like Casey Sroda, said incidents like these are why he doesn't park a car out on the streets.

"With the risk of having stuff stolen, I mean the $55 parking permit here for overnight is like it's as appealing as it is, it kind of stinks that you have to worry about getting your car stolen," said Sroda.

For Leet, things like this are surprising at a time when things seem positive for Milwaukee.

"There's been such a positive spirit in the city, but stuff like this still happens and it kind of brings you back to the reality of it but I still love this city," said Leet.

Milwaukee Police are asking for help identifying any suspects that may have been involved in this crime, anyone with any information is asked to contact Milwaukee Police at (414) 935-7212 or Crime Stoppers at (414) 224-TIPS or P3 Tips App to remain anonymous.

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