Early goodbye for football players at Franklin High School

NOW: Early goodbye for football players at Franklin High School

FRANKLIN, Wis (CBS 58) -- Franklin High School football players were hoping to be in the playoffs scheduled to start this Friday, Nov 13. However, that was taken away from them due to COVID-19 protocols. Now, their season is over.

“The kids are disappointed, coaches are disappointed and the school is disappointed. It’s unfortunate. It’s kind of the hand we’re dealt with. It’s life,"  Louis Brown said. He is the head coach of the football team. 

School administrators announced Saturday classes will be virtual for two weeks because of the high number of coronavirus cases at Franklin High School. The Franklin Health Department ordered the district to shut down athletics and in-person activities.

“We were hoping we had a shot at playing, but I know it was going to be a long shot and once the health department shut down all of our sports, then we pretty much knew it was over," Brown said.

One parent says she understands school leaders want to protect staff and students, but abruptly ending the football season is affecting players' mental health.

"There’s plenty of literature out there regarding the mental health status of our children and then the mental health status of our elite children athletes and how much increased potential for anxiety and depression,” Karen Hartje said. Hartje's son plays on the team.

“We will bounce back and we will be as good as ever I think, and hopefully this year will be used as motivation," Brown said.


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