Earliest sunset time arrives as Winter Solstice looms

NOW: Earliest sunset time arrives as Winter Solstice looms

So far our wintery type months have stayed fairly mild and snow free. A few spots picked up a little bit of flurry and light snow action Sunday morning and that is possible again Monday, but we've stayed away from any big cold or big snows. These days with shorter daylight can be some of the hardest, but not having the cold and snow to go with it makes a difference. Here's some good news - today (December 7) our sunset is the earliest it will be all year at 4:16 PM. The sunset time will stay at 4:16 PM for a few days before moving to 4:17 PM on December 12th. 

Just because our sunset time isn't getting earlier doesn't mean that our daylight isn't still shrinking. Even with a static sunset time the next few days, the sunrise time will still be getting later. The Winter Solstice on December 21st will still be the date when we have our shortest daylight of the year at almost exactly 9 hours. 

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