Drought Likely for Southeast Wisconsin

When it comes to rain/snowfall so far in 2015 it has been a year of ups and downs. January, February and March all saw a combined precipitation deficit of -3.13\"! April finally started to go in the right direction with a precipitation surplus of 1.66\". Now May is heading in the wrong direction. As of May 13th the month is 0.41\" below average when it comes to rainfall.

Although we have chances for rain here and there in the upcoming forecast, the long range predictions have no major surge of moisture moving our way. As a result, the drought outlook for Southeast Wisconsin has not changed much over the past month. The latest drought outlook keeps the Milwaukee area in the \"abnormally dry\" category depicted by yellow. Tan indicates moderate drought conditions.


With the precipitation outlook looking grim, southeast Wisconsin in one of the few places where the Climate Prediction Center is actually predicting drought conditions to develop through the end of July.


If this prediction were to verify it would come at a very bad time - right during the heart of the planting and growing season for farmers and planters. For reference, the next chance for rain in Milwaukee arrives this weekend with 1\" possible by the start of next week.

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