Drivers and passengers weigh in on ride sharing app’s weapon policy

NOW: Drivers and passengers weigh in on ride sharing app’s weapon policy


BROOKFIELD, Wis. (CBS 58) – An incident in Brookfield puts ride sharing policies under the microscope.

On Wednesday (November 29th) a Lyft driver picked up four people at a motel near Brookfield Square, according to police. And after he noticed one of the passengers handling a gun, police say, the driver pulled over and fired four rounds from his own gun.

The passengers ran off. Police captured one of the suspects. It’s unclear right now whether they were planning on robbing the driver or not.

But police say to consider the three other suspects, who were not caught, armed and dangerous.

Both lyft and Uber have policies that do not allow drivers or passengers to carry firearms while in a vehicle using their apps.

But several people feel that needs to change.

For several months now Constance Morrow has been driving off and on for Lyft, never knowing exactly who she’ll have in her car.

Wednesday’s incident had her on edge.

“Man, it goes with all the rest of the tragic stuff that’s going on in Milwaukee,” says Morrow. “What in the world is going on?”

On both Lyft and Uber’s website says that neither driver nor passengers are allowed to carry a weapon in a vehicle that’s using their app.

Both companies also go on to say that a violation of the rule will result in a driver or passenger from being banned from using the app.

“If they had a gun in my car what would I do,” asked Morrow. “They would have my and me because I don’t carry. I don’t believe in carrying guns.”

Passengers like Emiliano Solis feel the rules should be a bit relaxed and removal should be determined on case by case bases.

“Maybe not change but a little lenient especially in these situations where he was probably very panicked,” says Solis.

But others say they wouldn’t mind having an armed driver, as long as they were properly trained.

“Only if it’s an emergency,” says Diana Cerda. “If it’s for his safety, I wouldn’t mind it.”

“Even though I’m that person that does not carry guns, I’m thinking about taking that class myself,” says Morrow.

We reached out to Lyft for comment on last night’s incident and they sent us this statement:

“This is an incredibly frightening and concerning incident. We are working to make contact with the driver and stand ready to assist law enforcement in any investigation.”

We also asked Lyft if the driver would be losing his job for violating the rules but we have yet to hear back.


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