Dozens of car windows smashed outside of Milwaukee Intermodal Station

NOW: Dozens of car windows smashed outside of Milwaukee Intermodal Station

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Dozens of holiday travelers returned to Milwaukee after the long weekend to find their car windows smashed in outside of the Milwaukee Intermodal Station. 

Suspects hit two different parking lots outside of the Milwaukee Intermodal Station. CBS 58 News saw 16 cars with smashed windows and 18 piles of glass in empty spots where cars left earlier Sunday morning, which makes a total of 34 cars with windows smashed in. 

Milwaukee Police report the cars were discovered Friday and Saturday by private Amtrak security guards. 

One victim said her day got even worse when she saw not only her car window broken, but a $60 parking ticket on her window. She received the ticket from the private parking lot attendant hours after her car was broken into. 

"We're in your parking lot, our car has obviously been broken into and your priority is to issue a ticket?" Mary Curtin said. 

Curtin said it's upsetting to see her car was damaged on their watch and that the parking attendant would issue her a ticket under the circumstances. 

"It's kind of a double whammy to come home, find out our car has been broken into and then we get a ticket," Curtin said. 

Mandrake Rogers told CBS 58 News that he works for PRR, which is the company that issues tickets at the lot on 4th St. and St. Paul. He told us no one is scheduled to check the lot in the overnight hours. 

"We don't have cameras here no, unfortunately, but I think that's something we're going to have to change seeing this parking lot is a victim," Rogers said. 

Eddie Cabric is another driver that had his car window smashed in. He expected the security to be better after the first night of break-ins. 

"I figured they saw that it happened so they're going to step up patrol and sure enough it was broken into," Cabric said. 

Each victim CBS 58 News spoke with said nothing was taken from their cars, just windows smashed in and rummaged. 

CBS 58 News reached out to management for both parking lots, but weren't able to reach anyone. We also reached out to Amtrak for comment, but haven't heard back yet. 

Milwaukee Police are still looking for the suspects. CBS 58 News saw many officers patrolling the parking lots Sunday night. 

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