Dozens gather in downtown Milwaukee to call for President Trump's impeachment

NOW: Dozens gather in downtown Milwaukee to call for President Trump’s impeachment

Dozens of people marched to impeach President Donald Trump in downtown Milwaukee Sunday afternoon.

Protesters met at the Milwaukee County Courthouse, marched down Wisconsin Avenue and up Water Street.

"We are not the only ones that are sick and tired of this. There are other people working for them. We are calling senators, we are going to town halls. They are not by themselves,” said Anita Abraham.

These demonstrators are hoping together they can influence congressional leaders to look into the Trump administration.

"I should be out here today I have grandchildren and I fear for their future,” said Abraham.

Everyone that took part in the march had their reasons. Some advocated for LGBTQ rights and other pushed for healthcare reform.

But they all agreed on one thing.

“The spanning issue that they all agree on is impeachment,” said Moredcai Lee, UWM Professor.

Lee said there’s a little bit of political theater going on in these demonstrations.

"I think some of them are getting weary after what happened last week. All of a sudden the term is in play. I think it is a thousand to one shot that President Trump would be impeached by congress maybe even a million to one shot. But nonetheless this is an indication of the seriousness by which the demonstrations are,” said Lee.

Other marches happened in places like in Chicago, Los Angeles and Atlanta.

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