Dontre Hamilton supporters blocked from attending public meeting as protesters

MILWAUKEE-- Protesters packed into the corridors of Milwaukee City Hall Thursday evening, once they arrived at the Fire and Police Commission, officers turned them away.  Only Dontre Hamilton's family was allowed into the meeting, but demonstrators remained in the hall-- fighting for a chance to address the commission.

\"It says to me, that our community is hurting, that our community is angry, that our community wants to be heard,\" said Ald. Milele Coggs, who attended the meeting.

Hamilton's family came ready with a list of demands they wanted to discuss with commissioners.  Including public release of the name of the officer who shot Dontre, public release of incident report for the shooting at Red Arrow Park, and a retraction of what they say was false statements about dontre from Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn.

\"Now it's always been the practice of this department to refrain from identifying people involved in shooting scenes, private person or public person,\" said Chief Flynn.

Chief Flynn says demonstrators have every right to protest.  The next meeting for the Fire and Police Commission, won't take place until next month.  The Hamilton family's supporters say they won't rest until they get their chance to speak with commissioners.   


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