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Domestic Homicide Victim's Family Applauds New Legislation

CBS 58— Governor Scott Walker signed legislation Monday that protects and supports victims of domestic and sexual abuse.

The five bills include more resources for victims, and a new way of enforcing restraining orders. It’s a move applauded by the family of a domestic homicide victim.

On March 30 18-year-old Audrea Williams was shot and killed in what police called a domestic dispute. Williams’ cousin, Keshonda Willis, says Williams, suffered domestic violence long before she was killed and even tried to get help.

“This was something she had been experiencing since a teenager,” Willis said.

Willis says the bills signed Monday, will help others in Williams’ position.

“Without the laws, without the politicians, without the legislative branches and opportunities behind these situations, these women are without hope,” Willis said.

The bills provide more victim support, require enforcement of out of state restraining orders and allow a victim to get a confidential mailing address, so they don't have to write down where they live.

“That is profound,” Willis said of the confidential addresses. “These women don't feel safe saying anything, saying where they live, where they go, out of fear their attacker will find them.”

New laws also allow victims to be notified when an abuser's parole is revoked.

"One more step in protecting, not only making it easier, but really literally protecting the victim oftentimes in a domestic violence situation," Gov. Walker said.

And Willis says the impact will go beyond the new regulations, passing laws sheds light on the issue of abuse.

“It cannot be taboo,” Willis said. “We cannot look at it as something that's a hidden issue. We have to make it public.”

Williams leaves behind a two-month-old son. A GoFundMe is set up to help with his care. Click here to donate.

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