Dog stolen at knife-point

MT. PLEASANT -- Police in southeastern Wisconsin are looking for two men who stole a German Shepard puppy at knife point.

Police say it happened here near the border of Mt. Pleasant and Racine.

Neighbors say it's a quiet and pretty safe area, and say they definitely feel safe walking their dogs in the neighborhood.

Police say, Saturday night a woman walking her dog ended up in a very dangerous situation.

They say just before 8:30 Saturday night two man pulled up in a red car, jumped out holding knives, and demanded money.

Police say the victim didn't have money on her, so the men grabbed her 5 month old German Shepard. Then Jumped in the car and drove off.

People who live near where this happened say they didn't hear a thing.


\"I'm hoping it was an isolated incident because we have a dog, so kind of scary.

When I was letting him out last night, I was kind of scared.\" said a neighbor who identified herself as Diane.


Neighbors also say they haven't seen anyone with a German Shepard puppy in the neighborhood, so they aren't sure who the victim could be.

Police say they are looking for a newer model red car.



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