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Doctors: CDC could update recommendations for facemasks

Doctors: CDC could update recommendations for facemasks


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The CDC might soon change its guidelines on who should wear facemasks. 

Over teleconference, experts from the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) along and the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce addressed how the COVID-19 outbreak has impacted the region.

They shared insight on several issues focusing on health and the economy.

Dr. John Raymond, president & CEO of MCW shared the CDC could possibly update its recommendation for wearing masks for the general public in the coming weeks.

Currently, guidelines state only those who are sick or at risk should wear a face covering. However, amid a shortage of supply, some will likely have to making their own.

Dr. Raymond added fabric masks are probably not as effective as regular surgical masks. “They’re certainly better than nothing, and I would say that if healthcare providers run out of the typical surgical masks, even the CDC said that’s better than not having a mask. I would also say just the psychological benefit to the individual for feeling some measure of protection.”

The Medical College of Wisconsin is hosting a series of virtual community town halls on COVID-19. For more information, CLICK HERE.

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Homer 64 days ago
Wisconsin health providers need well over 1,000,000 masks each day.

Set up a FEMA program that pays $7.00/mask made to a standard pattern/specification to each of these Angels, and anyone else in Wisconsin that can produce them. Required items: Elastic, 100% cotton material, and thread. A sewing machine, ruler, and scissors are helpful.

Too bad, almost no Millennials and few Boomers own ,or can operate a sewing machine.

Capitalism works. Masks will be made and people will be paid. Supply will meet demand.

This is a short term problem, maybe 8 weeks, as factories are ramping up production of the N95 masks.
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