Doctor more concerned about Packers fans in stands than players during frigid conditions Saturday

NOW: Doctor more concerned about Packers fans in stands than players during frigid conditions Saturday

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Packers fans are already gearing up for Saturday's playoff matchup against the 49ers, but those with tickets will have to prep a little more than usual. CBS 58 Ready Weather is forecasting frigid conditions at Lambeau Field.

Lucky fans at Wednesday night's Admirals game won tickets to the Packers game. Chris Bucks scored big, but the joy of winning came with the reality of attending.

Bucks said, "It doesn’t matter, I’m from Wisconsin. It’s not a big deal. I’ll be fine, as long as it’s above 50 below we’re good."

Frigid conditions are nothing new to Packers fans. Two of the five coldest playoff games in NFL history were played at Lambeau Field, including the famous Ice Bowl, played at 13-degrees-below-zero in December of 1967. Saturday's forecast calls for temperatures in the teens.

Christopher Geiser is a clinical associate professor and program director of athletic training at Marquette University. He said, "If you haven't experienced that, then I think it plays to the Packers' advantage, where they know how to stay warm in the cold."

Geiser said the players will be well prepared to avoid frostbite and hypothermia, and expects them to perform at normal levels. "These guys are going to have plenty of people to watch over them and make sure they're warmed up appropriately, so I don't expect injuries to be that different in the cold weather."

But it could be a much different story in the stands. Geiser said, "I worry much more about the fans than I do the players on the sidelines." He said hypothermia and frostbite could be a concern, especially if judgment is impaired with alcohol, and fans can't escape to a warm locker room or stand in front of a sideline heater. "Fans in the stands, especially when you lower the inhibitions, and maybe your ability to sense how cold you are, hypothermia could set in."

That's why Chris is already planning ahead. He said, "We were there earlier this year so I know I need to bring a couple blankets, hats, all that stuff. Still have to wear the jersey, so whatever can fit underneath will be good to go."

Christopher Geiser said one thing working in fans' favor this weekend will be the sellout crowd. A shoulder-to-shoulder crowd at Lambeau will help people stay warm, and every little bit will help.

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