'Disappointed but hopeful:' GOP reaction to State of the State Address

NOW: ’Disappointed but hopeful:’ GOP reaction to State of the State Address

MADISON (CBS 58) -- Republicans have said they want to find common ground with the Evers' administration.

"Disappointed but hopeful" is how Republican leaders say they feel following Governor Evers State of the State Address. 

Issues like healthcare, education, tax cuts for the middle class, and transportation infrastructure are all areas both Democrats and Republicans say they can find common ground to work from. 

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos hopes the Governor's speech isn't a precursor of political gridlock.

"If in a month or six weeks, he delivers the budget address and it is chock full Democrat talking points, tax and spend priorities, making people who were at the Democratic Party Convention happy at the expense of the rest of the state, well it's going to be hard to start that way. I certainly hope that doesn't happen but tonight wasn't a good indicator of that," said Rep. Robin Vos, Assembly Speaker, (R) Rochester.

Governor Evers is expected to deliver his budget proposal next month. That will reveal just how much common ground the Evers Administration and the Republican-controlled Legislature can find.

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