DHS: 'Very small percentage' of vaccines wasted in Wisconsin

DHS: ’Very small percentage’ of vaccines wasted in Wisconsin

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Wisconsin Department of Health Services says a very small percentage of the vaccines allocated and administered in the state have been wasted or spoiled. 

Since December, 4,500 doses have been wasted or spoiled in Wisconsin, according to a spokesperson for DHS. 

"4,500 is a very small percentage – 0.1% - of the more than four million doses that have been allocated and administered by our vaccinating partners," a spokesperson said. 

That number includes the approximately 500 vaccines a former Grafton pharmacist is accused of destroying.

DHS says even with that, the state's wastage rate is 20 times below the federal government's standard of 2%. 

A spokesperson for the Milwaukee Health Department says there has been minimal waste of vaccines from MHD. The statistic is around .05%. 

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