DEVELOPING: Another Sexual Assault Reported at River Club of Mequon

CBS 58 has obtained a copy of a letter written to The River Club of Mequon's members updating them on the ongoing investigation into an alleged sexual assault that occurred on the golf course.

A 20-year-old unnamed golf cart attendant claims 59-year-old Milwaukee attorney Christopher Hale assaulted her and the River Club of Mequon tried to pay her $500 to keep quiet.

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In a letter to River Club members, General Manager John Haines says the Club has discovered another claim of sexual assault.

\"As a result of further investigation the Club has discovered a claim by another employee that she experienced unwelcomed and inappropriate conduct from this same member in 2014. She had not previously reported the conduct to management but late yesterday we were able to meet with the employee and learn of the details.\"

The letter goes on to say the Club, \"immediately reached out to the Mequon Police Department to advise them of this update.\"

On Saturday, CBS 58 received copies of The River Club's sexual abuse policy as well as the confidentiality agreement they tried to get the alleged sexual assault victim to sign.

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Because of the two allegations of sexual abuse, the Club decided to terminate Christopher Hale's membership.

\"After learning of the details of this additional allegation we decided to terminate the member's membership. He was notified this past Saturday morning. Many of you know this member and he has been an active member for many years. That said, the Club simply cannot tolerate such conduct, Member or otherwise.\"

Haines ends the letter stating Mr. Hale's action, \"does not represent what The River Club is all about. Your club is a wonderful place for family and friends to play and socialize.\" 

A full copy of the letter to members can be found below.

We are also hearing the first public response from The River Club of Mequon since the allegations began. In a letter to CBS 58 reporter Sachelle Saunders, The Club claims the alleged victim originally told them she did not want police involved and wanted to continue working at the club.

\"She expressed that she did not want police involvement, that she enjoyed working at the Club, and that based upon her past experiences with management she expected that we would be able to take care of her complaint.\"

The response goes on to say that the Club, \"proposed a resolution reimbursing her $500 for lost wages/tips, and that it would fine the member so that he and not the Club would be responsible for his actions. The employee indicated that she though this was an appropriate resolution.\"

According to The Club, the day after the $500 was offered, the victim's attorney Mr. Demet contacted the Club demanding a payment of $25,000. \"When the attorney's demands were not met, his course of conduct was to have the employee file a criminal complaint against the member.\"

You can read The River Club of Mequon's full response below.



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