Despite loss, Brewers fans still optimistic about NLDS series

NOW: Despite loss, Brewers fans still optimistic about NLDS series

MILWAUKEE (CBS) - Milwaukee Brewers fans are disappointed about Game 3 of the NLDS, but many are still feeling optimistic.

It was an afternoon filled with hope in the Deer District, hope that the Brewers would bounce back from a three-run deficit.

"That loss hurt. Back-to-back, three nothing games...that hurts," Tony Wrencher said.

Other fans were frustrated Freddy Peralta was pulled early on in the game.

"It's been difficult for the Brewers to maintain without him in the game, unfortunately," Gerald Johansen said.

But the hitting was the most frustrating part to watch, fans feeling the Brewers offense never really woke up.

"They got a little anxious when they were hitting, which gave them nothing," Paul Decker said.

So how are fans feeling about Game 4 on Tuesday?

"They're going to win this series. They're going to win the World Series. Let's not talk ridiculous here. They've been behind all year. They've been resilient," Patrick Decker said.

There will be another watch party in the Deer District for Game 4. First pitch is at 4:07.

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