Representative has transportation funding plan which doesn't call for gas tax

NOW: Representative has transportation funding plan which doesn’t call for gas tax

MADISON (CBS 58) -- Both the Governor and the members of the Joint Finance Committee have wrapped up their budget listening tours around the state and one of the most heated topics of debate is over transportation funding. 

Governor Evers' budget calls for an 8 cent a gallon gas tax hike to address the transportation funding crisis but Representative Sanfelippo of New Berlin says he has a plan that doesn't involve raising taxes.

Sanfilippo's plan calls for moving more money from the general fund over to transportation funding gradually over the next 15 years ,specifically money generated from the sales tax on cars and related parts.

In the first year of the proposal, Sanfelippo says it would move 10% of auto sales taxes into the transportation fund and by year 15, that number would grow up to 50% to the point where about a billion dollars is going into transportation per budget cycle.

"It's a matter of looking at a long-term sustainable approach, as opposed to something that's just going to tie us over for a few years and then we're right back at the same situation."

Representative Sanfelippo says he does plan on meeting with Governor Evers to discuss the plan in the coming weeks. 

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