Deanna Alexander wins write-in election for 18th district Milwaukee County supervisor

NOW: Deanna Alexander wins write-in election for 18th district Milwaukee County supervisor

MILWAUKEE COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Election Day may have been last week, but the unofficial results for the 18th District Milwaukee County supervisor write-in election are now in. Deanna Alexander is the likely winner, with 645 write-in votes.

You may be wondering why it took this long to determine the matter. Poll workers spent a few hours at the county courthouse Monday, April 11, tallying those votes. They said it was especially critical because the write-in-only 18th district county supervisor race had eight candidates.

"This is part of the process, the checks and balances. We wanted to hand-count those in those wards where the numbers of ballots cast didn't line up with the write-ins tallied," said Milwaukee County Clerk George Christenson.

He said they spent Monday hand-counting five ward elections and the 18th district county supervisor races.

The reason for the hand count was over a dozen or so ballots with a name, but a blank oval on the ballot.

"Someone didn't fill in the oval, but wrote in the candidate's name, so we want to verify those by hand to make sure those count," said Christenson.

He said being vigilant and ticking the box would help them out a lot in the future.

"You know that certainly would make it easier," laughed Christenson, going on to say no matter what, it's his office's job to get it right.

He said they're now working on certifying the results.

"We will certify the canvas within the next few days," said Christenson.

He said if you're curious about aspects of the process, you can always be part of it.

"I always encourage people to come down and watch the process, this is a public and transparent process, and we encourage observers to please come and watch," said Christenson.

Christenson says there weren't really enough of the ballots to change the outcomes of any elections.

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