Dancing Horses Theater of Lake Geneva Staging "Christmas Magic" Show

Beautifully costumed horses and riders, retell all the classic holiday stories with music and equestrian grace.

The  Dancing Horses Theater at  5065 Highway 50 Delavan, WI is staging "Christmas Magic. Tickets are still available for performances from December 21st  thru January 15th.

Show Times: 1:00 & 7:00 pm  and Tickets: $27.50

The Theater is part of a larger animal gardens which serves as home to some 16 species of exotics and over 60 hay-eating animals.

This park has activities, that are closed during the winter, but the dancing Horses Theater with its live equestrian shows stays open year-round.

Christine Zerbini and Charlotte Reynolds are both performers and trainers and say it's not a circus.

"It's an equestrian entertainment. So, we have all different disciplines highlighting what the horses talents are." explained Zerbini. "We also have the human talents that play into it with gymnastics."

Zerbini says the animals enjoy performing. "You can tell how they carry themselves in the arena. After the show you get to see them and pet them in a behind the scenes tour."

There's also an exotic bird show and then following that is a horse training demonstration so you can understand how they treat the animals.

"If you're a high end equestrian, there stuff in there for everybody," added Reynolds. "It's so moving to see how the animals can impact the children in a positive way."

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