2nd annual 'Cuts for Kids' aims to send students back to school with confidence

NOW: 2nd annual ’Cuts for Kids’ aims to send students back to school with confidence

WEST ALLIS, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Monday, Aug. 29 was the second annual Cuts for Kids event at the West Allis West Milwaukee (WAWM) Rec Department. The back-to-school list is long for many parents, and it can be costly.

"When you talk a backpack 30 bucks, school supplies, haircuts now are event $35 to $40," said Bobby Foreman, the program manager for the West Allis West Milwaukee Rec Dept. "I mean, it ends up being hundreds of dollars at the end of the summer." 

Thanks to some local barbers donating their skills and supplies, kids lined up all morning at the WAWM Red Department for a complimentary back-to-school haircut. 

"Try to send kids back to school with the confidence a new haircut can give you," said Foreman. 

That's something Timothy Retic, the owner of Forever Faded in Waukesha, knows well. 

"So scissor cut on top but enough to spike?" He asked JJ's mom. 

JJ is going in to fourth grade, and Retic is using his gift with scissors to make sure it starts off on a good foot. 

"Feel good, look good," said Retic. "That reflection-of-self in the mirror is so important from the youngest up to the oldest. If there's one thing we can do to eliminate the bullying and the nitpicking in school, it's a good haircut." 

After kids got their haircut, they were able to take home a backpack filled with supplies. 

This is the second Cuts for Kids event, but Foreman says after hearing from parents about how helpful it's been, they plan to keep doing it year after year. 

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