'Curd Nerd' wanted! EatStreet is paying $1,000 to travel Wisconsin in search of the best cheese curd

MADISON, Wis. -- A company wants to pay you $1,000 to eat cheese curds. Yes, you read that right. 

EatStreet announced Thursday, September 26 they're on the hunt to hire a "Curd Nerd" to "trek across the state with them in search of the best curd." 

According to a news release, the EatStreet Curd Nerd will tour Wisconsin for two weeks beginning on National Cheese Curd Day, Oct. 15 on an all-expenses paid Curd Campaign.

“This arguably is the most important position we’ve hired for. As our curd consultant you have to be on your game. You mean something to the people, to the state,” said Matt Howard, EatStreet CEO and co-founder. “This is your time to shine – perhaps from curd grease – but that’s OK.”

As long as you eat cheese and love social media, you're fit for this job. You can apply online,and no resume is needed. Make sure to submit your application by Oct. 2, because really, who doesn’t want to be the face of the Curd Campaign?

Here's a look at the job description:

"There’s no better way to celebrate American Cheese Month in Dairyland than by exploring our home state of Wisconsin on a quest to find the very best cheese curds.

If you love cheesin’ for your favorite eats and wanna earn some cheddar in the process, EatStreet’s looking for a Curd Nerd! What’s that exactly? We need an outgoing, engaging and passionate person to take over EatStreet’s social media and be the face of our Curd Campaign.

You would join our marketing team and travel across the great state of Wisconsin to dig into every kind of curd, from the finest fried fare to the tastiest hidden gems, and through social media, take our fans along for the ride! The best part? We’ll pay you up to $1000 for two weeks of your time, cover all expenses, and did we mention you can eat all the cheese curds you can handle?"

What EatStreet is looking for:

•Someone with a big personality and a passion for storytelling, to be the face of our Curd Campaign and share their experiences through social media, video and more!

•A Wisconsin resident available to travel with our marketing team throughout the state from October 15-29.

Think you're up for the job? Apply HERE

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