Cudahy residents with no heat, forced to leave their home as frigid temps move back in

CUDAHY -- Tenants at an apartment building in the 3400 block of E. Layton in Cudahy say the furnace hasn't worked in two days.  They had space heaters running.  But those blew fuses.  Some of their lights went out.  They couldn't get in touch with their landlord so they called the fire department.  

The Cudahy Fire Department said the apartment was unlivable.  When they walked through it, they noticed nearly every unit had space heaters.  Many of those were plugged into extension cords presenting a fire risk.  

\"We've had problems with our heat in our building for months and last night we has electrical cords running space heaters,\" Renee Roman said.  \"They were blowing fuses so we called the landlord. Then we called the fire department when we got no response. Then we came to the hotel last night. Now we have no where to stay.\"

Tenants were taken to a local hotel at 3:00 am with help from the Red Cross and Milwaukee County Transit bus.

The landlord wanted the furnace fixed Tuesday evening.  But as of late afternoon, there was still no heat.  He says the tenants will spend another night at the hotel and then other housing alternatives will be worked out until the apartment is deemed safe to live again. 

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