Cudahy man's messy habits lead to pest problem, fly infestation in neighborhood

NOW: Cudahy man’s messy habits lead to pest problem, fly infestation in neighborhood

CUDAHY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A Cudahy man's messy habit has turned into a pest problem for the neighborhood.

One homeowner says fly traps were put out less than a week ago and they're already crawling with bugs. He says it all stems from a yard next door.

"He's been bringing home meat and storing it outside in the sunlight. It's all been just rotting under tarps or sitting out in the open," said neighbor Dustin Jablonski.

Now, raccoons have been nosing around Dustin Jablonski's home and he says he's found mice in his basement. It's amounted to a lost summer as his family can barely stand to be outside.

"We're all tired of getting bit over here. Can't grill, can't barbecue," Jablonski said. 

A health officer with the Cudahy Health Department says they're coordinating a response with the city's building inspection department.

City staff met with the homeowner on Tuesday. He didn't want to be interviewed on camera but said he has to have everything cleaned up by next Monday and that he's already started getting rid of the food.

"He has a deadline and if he doesn't meet it, he'll be fined and he'll probably get a new deadline and then another fine. He'll move a few things out but a lot more comes back," said Jablonski.

Dustin's traps became a problem for his daughter too. She accidentally got her hair caught in a sticky trap and Dustin says they spent an hour cutting it out and cleaning her up.

"It was pretty upsetting seeing her shake and crying because she was so scared of all the bugs stuck to her."

Cudahy's Mayor said in a statement that the Health Department's mission is to protect and promote the health and well-being of the community. 

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