Cruz Hails 'Good Night' after Primary Losses

(AP) HOUSTON -Ted Cruz is vowing that "tonight was a good night," even though he has yet to win any of the five states that held Republican primaries.

According to CNN with 99% of the vote counted in Missouri, Donald Trump and Cruz are virtually tied.

Addressing hundreds of raucous supporters at a hotel in his hometown of Houston, Cruz said that "after tonight, America now has a clear choice."

Cruz said that only he and Donald Trump have a shot at winning the Republican nomination.

He didn't name Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who captured his home state Tuesday. But Cruz said other campaigns have "no mathematical possibility whatsoever."

Ted Cruz says he is welcoming Marco Rubio's former supporters "with open arms."

Cruz said at a Houston rally that the battle for the Republican presidential nomination battle was a "two person race" between himself and Donald Trump.

Rubio suspended his presidential campaign on Tuesday.

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