COVID-19: What to do if you're sick

COVID-19: What to do if you’re sick

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Health officials say more cases of COVID-19 are expected across the country. But what steps you should take, if you think you've become sick with the virus?

Dr. Silivia Munoz-Price, infectious disease specialist for Froedtert Hospital and Medical College of Wisconsin says the symptoms of COVID-19 might not be so obvious.

"First of all most people are probably asymptomatic, no symptoms," she said.

If you're worried and have signs of the respiratory illness, such as a cold or the flu, and want to get tested -- don't just show up to the emergency room.

Madison and Dane County public health officials stress the importance of calling ahead.

"In addition to protecting our patients, our staff and other patients who may be in the waiting areas, common areas, it allows us to prepare before the patient comes to our site for care."

The Wisconsin State Lab can do 100 tests a day. The Milwaukee Health Department can do up to 30.

Other labs will soon offer the test, including Froedtert by the end of the week. "Froedtert will be offering a test for coronavirus starting Friday for patients that are hospitalized within the system," said Dr. Munoz-Price.

Health officials are focused on prevention. They say simple steps like washing your hands and covering your coughs can stop the spread of the disease.

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