COVID-19 outbreak postpones Milwaukee County court dates

NOW: COVID-19 outbreak postpones Milwaukee County court dates

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- There are major changes to upcoming court dates, as many were put on hold during the coronavirus outbreak. So what do you need to know before you head to the courthouse? 

Milwaukee Municipal Court is closed to the public through May 1. If you had a hearing scheduled, you will get something in the mail with a new court date. Walk-in appearances are canceled until at least May 4. 

Important: If you have a payment due -- like a speeding ticket -- that is still due

When it comes to the circuit court, criminal and civil cases, there are also changes. 

Jury duty in Milwaukee County is canceled through April 3. If you were called to serve, you don’t need to report and you have met your duty for the next four years.

"Do not come to the court if you are sick. The court’s website will be regularly updated as the main source of communication to the public. I want to thank you for your patience during these challenging times but ask for you cooperation in a calm and responsible manner as we take every precaution to remain safe," said Chief Judge of Milwaukee County, Mary Triggiano. 

There are big changes in Waukesha County as well, with jury duty suspended through April 12.

The traffic citation calendar is canceled through April 8.

If you have a hearing of any kind coming up you should check before you go to make sure it’s still happening.

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